Satellite Entertainment


HD8000T  Dual Tuner HD PVR  Manufactured in Korea



  • Onboard pipeline HD Hard Drive with a  choice of 500 or 1000GB
  • Dual Tuner, processing MPEG 4, 2 and 3D
  • STi 7100 main processor
  • 3 x USB 2.0 for additional Drives
  • Video Outputs; HDMI, YPbPr component, S-Video, Scart, Composite
  • Audio Outputs : RCA L/R, Optical, Coaxial, and via HDMI
  • Networking RJ45 Cat 5 connection.
  • Touch screen control panel.

Accessories include:

  • HDMI cable.
  • Remote control.
  • AC power lead.
  • Operating manual.




  • Record and playback HD, SD and 3D  
  • Record up to 2 channels from within same transponder and view a 3rd from a different transponder Eg.   Record ABC 1 and 3, at the same time view Ch 9.   
  • Record up to 2 channels from different transponders and  view a 3rd from with the 2 transponders being recorded. Eg Record Ch9 and 10 and view 1HD at the same time
  • Chase play Eg. View a recording from the beginning whilst the same recording is still in progress.
  • 14 day EPG with full program information and direct timer setting.   Eg. Make selection from the EPG table and the PVR will automatically make an entry into the timer with all the correct parameters.   Each entry can be edited change to Once, Daily or Weekly (season ticket).
  • Timer padding automatically extends recording according to your settings.
  • Auto delete option will manage a near full HDD by deleting older files to make sure there is enough space to complete the recordings.   Locked recordings are skipped by this function.
  • Ethernet networking using TCP/IP, FTP and IP Streaming.
  • Advert skip function. skip ads during playback.
  • Edit recording files cut and rename.